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shr hair removal machine

Advantages of the SHR laser device

1. High speed

2. Excellent effectiveness

3. Painless treatment

The SHR is capable of firing 10 times per second (unlike older generation IPLs that fire one shot per second).

Therefore, the treatment process will be in motion. This means that you no longer need to put the handpiece on one spot, like the older generation devices, shoot and change the handpiece location again for the next shot.

An important factor in effectiveness is energy absorption. The higher the amount of energy discharged, the greater the share absorbed and the more effective it becomes.

However, it should be noted that higher energy depletion also increases energy levels on the skin, which increases pain and the possibility of complications such as burns and inflammation.

The penetration depth of the SHR device

Note that the penetration depth of the SHR device is measured using a nanometer, which allows it to cover a wide range from 400 to 1,200 nanometers.

But don't forget that each of these wavelengths has its own uses. In this article from Arena Gostar, we discuss how to choose the best filter for the SHR and IPL devices, more practical information for choosing the right filter. Terms of purchase of SHR machine

Buy from a reputable brand

Licensed by the Ministry of Health

Has a one-year warranty and 10 years of after-sales service

Install the device in a completely free place

Learn how to work with the purchased device for free


Fortunately, there is no concern about how this device works. Because, as mentioned, the basis of the shr device is low energy with a high number of repetitions.

The SHR Arena Gostar is a combination of IPL and Diode laser, which fires 10 shots per second, making it easy to do all the laser hair removal with the SRL. Using an SHR device will not cause any pain or side effects.

With this device, you can use all parts of your body such as face, legs, arms, chest, abdomen and back completely.

Therefore, no matter how much energy is selected, this energy will be divided into smaller packages, and as a result, the treatment will be completely painless and without side effects, and on the other hand, youtube the energy absorption will be high and a very good effect will be achieved.