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How Can I Clear My Criminal Record?

Being able to remove a criminal charge largely depends on the circumstances in connection with the charge and the laws of your jurisdiction. The reason for this is because there are certain crimes that can never be cleared from an individual’s criminal record and removal is heavily dependent on the laws of each state.

In general, clearing a criminal record can be accomplished using one of two processes: either through criminal record sealing or expungement. If your records are sealed, it means the records still exist, but they cannot be accessed by employers or other persons. In contrast, if your record is expunged, then the charges or arrests will be erased as if they never happened.

When both the state laws and the type of criminal charge involved create the proper circumstances to permit record clearing, an individual may ask the court to erase a conviction from their permanent record. They do this by filing specific paperwork according to the procedures outlined in the laws of their state.

Once filed, the court will investigate your criminal history to determine whether or not you qualify for record clearing. contact us Next, there is usually a hearing to assess this information. Although you may not always need to be present for the hearing, it is probably in your best interest to attend. Contact us and get the full process.