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Analog Bursting Strength Testing Machine
Standard operating procedure bursting strength tester used to test the strength of the foils. According to Mullen, the bursting strength resistance is one of the most important physical characteristics to measure in most flexible substrates including paper, board, textiles, non-wovens, foils and plastics. This tester provides useful information about the resistance of compounds of vulcanized rubber to flex cracking when subjected to flexing. Automatic induction and bursting system, can be connected with computer and printer (not supplied), test curve, test result is easy to output and read. To meet the diversified requirements of our prestigious clients, we are engaged in offering Digital Pneumatic Bursting Strength Tester that is available in a wide variety of specifications as per the exact requirements of clients. We are one of the leading Manufcatuer of Bottle Cap Torque Tester used to determine Torque Strength to open cap of Bottles, This machine is used for Pet Bottles, Glass Bottle, containers etc. Further, we are offering on-site and in-lab calibration services at a leading price.

To meet divergent demands of the clients; we bring forth Digital Opacity Tester CalibrationServices. The tester is finished in metallic painting/powder coated and bright chrome/ zinc plating to give the apparatus a corrosion resistant finish. The components are brighter chrome plated or painted in metallic paint to give the tester an aesthetic appearance digital type pressure gauge type instruments are also available. That is why L&W Bursting Strength Tester allows important parameters such as diaphragm resistance and density to be automatically compared to a set of check values. Having gained a remarkable position in this industry, we are engaged in offering Bursting Strength Tester. Humidity chambers are used after the process completion on the paper or board the main task of this chamber is to remove the moisture level in the sample.

Although the parameters of the tester were chosen to meet the needs of the decompression chamber project, the tester has wider application and may, therefore, be of wider interest. Digital Bursting Strength Tester (Burst-matic) Uniform Hydraulic Pressure produced through electric motor and gear with digital readout on 4½ digit DPM, with Manual lever or Pneumatic clamping of specimen and testing cycle.

This is the reason why our models of Bursting Strength Tester is optimally efficient in estimating the real behavior and reliability of fabrics and paper. TEXCARE Box Compression Tester is manufactured to meet the requirements of the Paper & Packaging Industries according to International Mechanical Standards. The controller is microprocessor based and has the facility of over load protection, peak hold and auto calibration. The standard model of the tester is designed to test up to six test specimens at one time.

TEXCARE Bursting Strength Tester is used to determine the bursting strength of any type of corrugated boxed. Our accuracy in calibration mass measuring instruments made us the preferred entity in the industry. The royal tensile testing machine provide a relatively inexpensive way for determining the tensile strength and elongation of variety of raw materials such as rubber, leather, fabric, plastics, belts, wires etcetera. After manufacturing, this strength tester goes through a highly rigorous test, which is conducted by our quality experts to check its durability and performance. This BS Testing machine is widely used in Paper and Packaging Industry, Textile Industry and other sheet material industry. Bursting Strength Tester is extensively used in diverse area of materials like filter cloth, industrial fabrics, leather, rexene, etc. The paper is kept below the acrylic sheet on a resilient surface so that it is in close contact with the sheet when it is horizontal.

Three different test results can be reported after a single measurement; bursting strength standard, bursting strength compensated, and bursting energy absorption (BEA). The tester was developed to support a programme of work to develop a lightweight, collapsible decompression chamber. All our products are mainly used for determining the bursting strength of any fabric, leather, paper and cardboard. L&W Bursting Strength Tester calculates and reports BEA according to the SCAN P 24 standard (applies to the paper version). The minimum bursting strength of corrugated board is a requirement of various carrier and governmental specified regulations for shipping containers. The device displays the bursting force resulting from the pressure on a digital screen.

The disadvantage of the diaphragm type bursting test is the limit to the extension that can be given to the sample owing to the fact that the rubber diaphragm has to stretch to the same amount. Our organization has successfully expanded its business in market owing to the offered elevated quality array of Digital Edge Crush Tester. Keeping in mind the requirements of clients, we are offering exclusive Burst Strength Tester CalibrationServices. For the diverse requirements and variegated demands of the clients, we are engaged in providing our clients the best quality Bursting Strength Tester. We are associated with the leading manufacturers of testing machines across the globe and offer you the best quality products for your requirements. And the other to accommodate moulded rubber diaphragm for testing materials of high strength value like corrugated board, etc.