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Top 10 Gift Ideas for Her for Him
The great thing about online shopping is that you can find almost any gadget you can think or imagine of; the hard part is finding a website that actually sells it. If you’re looking for something cool gift for your friend, spouse or husband we’re here to provide you a list of 10 online gift ideas for all ages.
1) Magic Mug:

Put a smile on your face with every sip you take from the magic photo mug and enjoy your morning cup of coffee in a heat reactive color changing mug.
Whether you’re at home or at the office, this magic mug puts a fun and is heat sensitive, and actually change color when exposed to hot liquid.

2) iHeartRaves Light Up Cropped Rave Fur Jacket:

This Light Up Jacket is a good Gift for Women. This is the ultimate light up burner jacket. Fully lined and made a super plush white faux fur, this jacket has tons LED lights under the liner invisible to the eye…until you turn them on. Then it’s a disco on your body.

3) Waterproof Light-Up Champagne Flute Cups:

Add a glow to your special event or dinner party with our fun light up bar products and LED drink glasses! There is a large variety of fun lighted drink. These flute Champagne cups are perfect for a party or special event because they light up when liquid is poured into them. Each glass emits a very bright glow

4) Hamilton Beach Griddle:

Electric Skillets and Griddles make it easy to prepare breakfast, lunch, and dinner. These nonstick appliances are perfect for frying bacon and eggs, cooking pancakes, and sautéing an endless variety of ingredients.

5)Ocean Daren Wave Light Projector:

Aurora master night light projector is new type of projector which allows you to feel as immersed in the calm and the sea embrace peace. Built-in mini speaker make it possible to play music with all 3.5mm plug devices.

6) portable battery charger

Mini Travel Charger: Compact pocket-size external battery 5200mAh only 0.3lb, portable for long trip and flight. Charging Quickly: Emie smart charge technology can detect devices intelligently and deliver suitable current up to 2.1 amp.

7) tea bag holders:

These tea holders are based on an old chinese story of Jiang Taigong. He uses a straight fishhook because he believed that the fish will come to him when they were ready to be caught. Now he can patiently hold your tea bag while it steeps. 

8) Fossil Q Founder Smartwatch:

Look at this Cool Gift Idea. Based on our early time with it, the Fossil Q Founder has quickly become one of our favorite smartwatches. It looks a lot like the Moto 360, including the strange flat tire display (that black bar where the screen cuts off at the bottom) but we prefer the Founder's all-around design to Motorola's 2nd-gen watch.

9) game of revealing questions:

Love is no game, but these cards can help you build trust, open up, and get to know someone on a much deeper level—which might just lead to love. Each card asks a question specifically designed to help people connect more authentically.

 10) cellphone cases:

2 piece rubberized snap on Hard plastic case with rubberized powder coating for extra grip and durability. Due to different monitors/calibrations, colors may vary slightly from photos

11) powerful mobile printer :

Print directly from your mobile phone or tablet in less than 60 seconds using Bluetooth or NFC technology. The Polaroid Zip Instant Photoprinter gives you 2x3" full-color, smudge-proof photos with a sticky back for extra fun.

12) Neon flamingo light sunnylife:

Flamingos shine bright in neon. Make any corner of your space a little showier with these Vegas inspired lamps, retro style Small Neon Light, option to use USB cable or 4x AAA batteries and USB cable included.

13) Smart Self Balancing:

The miniPRO is not a hoverboard—it’s the next step in the evolution of personal transportation. Powered by Ninebot technology, the miniPRO is a hands-free,two-wheel electric scooter with safer features, higher speeds, and longer battery life. 

14) Moonlight Cushion:

The Moonlight cushion does just this, with a beautiful selection of colours that illuminate the ultra-soft plush fur casing. It cycles through the relaxing hues of pink, purple, yellow and green making you feel totally calm and chilled out.

15) Floating Rose Bath Lights:

There's nothing better than sinking your feet into a hot bath after a long day, but wait, you've forgot to light those candles, where did you put them again? And where did you put the matches? All these little annoyances can be avoided with these clever water activated LED lights

16) Personalised Great British Retro Sweet Box:

The perfect gift for any sweet-toothed candy lover, this beautiful, personalized wooden sweet box contains a treasure chest of treats in the form of the very best of those old school retro sweets of days gone by. Personalized with a name and message on a lovely Great British Gift Card.

17) Personalised Message Coffee:

A brilliant personalized gift, full of character and a gift that can be enjoyed time and time again. A wonderful personalized coffee stencil of your choice. Perfect for adding sweet messages and personal touches to cappuccinos, hot chocolates, lattes or coffees!

18) Sony Alpha A5000 Mirrorless:

This is another gift idea Sony A5000, given an entry-level price, it is ostensibly a replacement for the NEX-3N, but it is effectively a rebrand and refresh, adding Wi-Fi functionality and an improved image processor.

1) Mr. Coffee Smart WiFi WeMo:
While Cool Stuff To Buy Inc gave us a sneak peek at the near- and long-term future of the IoT movement, there are plenty of WiFi-connected options available today.
The coffeemaker offers up its own WiFi network. All you need to do is connect to it on your phone or tablet and then fire up the WeMo app. From there, the coffeemaker will connect to your regular home network and then you're ready to start smart brewing. It's the same overall app we've detailed in the past, but selecting the Smart Coffeemaker from the menu gets you a few device-specific controls.

4) Dell Venue 8 7000 Tablet:
This is a cool Things to buy online. Dell Venue 8 7000 is an Android tablet wrapped in a sleek, ultra-thin aluminum frame wrapped in an awful name. Regardless, this is the 'world's thinnest' tablet and turns out to be one of the best.

6) Ray-Ban RB Highstreet 3449 Sunglasses:
Ray-Ban Highstreet sunglasses are designed with a stylish large but lightweight frame. The scratch/impact-resistant lenses ensure 100% UV protection & superb optical clarity. Ray-Ban sunglasses are one of the best-selling brands worldwide!

7) Sterling Silver Marcasite and Gemstone:
This sterling silver necklace is a good gift for women featuring a gemstone-colored glass heart pendant with latticework of marcasite and filigree; Marcasite can appear iridescent in the light.
The natural properties and composition of mined gemstones define the unique beauty of each piece. The image may show slight differences to the actual stone in color and texture.

8) Ralph Lauren Romance for Women:
Another beautiful Gift for women. Ralph Lauren Romance Gifts for Men [http://coolstufftobuyinc.com] Women. The fragrance that evokes the timeless essence of falling in love. Discover the sensual essence of velvety woods, extravagant florals, and seductive musk.

9) BÖHM Wireless Bluetooth Headphones:
These BÖHM Bluetooth headphones help you disconnect from your surroundings disconnected from tangled wires. Upgrade your lifestyle to enjoy the latest in Bluetooth headphone technology and functionality. One primary distinction is the active noise cancellation technology.

10) Apple iPad Mini:
The iPad mini 4 is significantly thinner than previous-generation iPad mini models, measuring in at just 6.1mm thick like the iPad Air 2. Size wise, it's still 7.9 inches when measured diagonally and it continues to be the smallest tablet in Apple's iPad lineup, which also includes the 9.7-inch iPad Air 2 and the 12.9-inch iPad Pro.